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Raghavendra Rau

Raghavendra Rau

Amusing Stuff

Note for students in my classes: Some of you have been asking me about whether it is true that I spy on everything you do on this web page and that if you spend too much time reading the jokes instead of your lessons, I automatically cut class participation points. This is not true. Do not worry about these unsubstantiated rumors.

Some helpful tips for college life

Getting into college

Dave Barry on the Value of a College Education
A College Application

Surviving in college

When Profs say this ... they really mean this
Science Lingo ... Explained
How Grades are Assigned
Universal Grade Change Form
Top ten lies finance professors tell their students
Don't sweat the small stuff - keeping your priorities straight
How to argue ... and win every time
Finance professor goes wild
Writing a good essay
If you ever get to class and find that you haven't prepared properly, remember this

Dealing with your parents

A college student's letter home
Famous parents

Exams and assignments

How to Write Good
Yesterday, All My Finals Seemed so Far Away
Take Your Test
Writing your thesis

Getting a job

Ten Professions Defined
Accountant Jokes

Never before revealed secret details of academic life

The Academic Hierarchy
Why God Never Received Tenure At Any University
A teacher's life ...
MIT Student Evaluations
Toilet inequities and other academic research
Wealth, wisdom or beauty?
The peer review process in Nazi Germany

Real life applications of academic esoterica

The Ethical Standards of Ex-Convicts vs MBA Students
Marketing is a Pain in the Glass
Dart Throwing Monkey Trumps Wall Street With 200 Percent Gain
Everything is for sale in Finance - interesting bid on eBay
Agency costs and restaurant meals (and comment in the WSJ )
Hiawatha Designs an Experiment
Finance faculty illustrate MM Capital structure theory
Capital structure paradise

Other miscellaneous academic stuff you might find useful

How many big ten students does it take to change a light bulb?
Writing a letter to a bank
Dividing By Zero
Taking Things Literally
The Gettysburg Address on PowerPoint!
World ideologies (According to cows)
Remember, time is money
The art of deduction

Financial Markets

Humble Pie (to be sung to the tune of American Pie)
Finance terms and definitions
Supreme Court rules that earnings should be protected as "Art"
Investors question "Elvis," "Donald Duck," "Tupac" signatures on corporate oaths
The icecream model to explain financial fraud (from Paul Krugman)
Financial Media expressions (and what they really mean) (from the WSJ)
Stock market tip
A surefire way to make $$$$ fast
Screenplay from "A Few Good Auditors"
Creative accounting